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Stichting Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem

The Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem (AWH) exists since 1970. Together with the working groups Velsen and Beverwijk / Heemskerk she forms the department Kennemerland of the Archeologische Werkgemeenschap Nederland (AWN). The AWN is the biggest society for amateur-archaeology in the Netherlands with about 2500 members. Her most important goal is the practice and promotion of archaeology in all her aspects.



The AWH digs regularly into the history of Haarlem and her inhabitants.
We do this under the auspices of the municipal archaeologist. Outside Haarlem we work under the auspices of the province Noord-holland.
Every wednesday-evening we clean the finds (mostly potsherds), look if we can put them together and determine them. We also work out the notes and drawings made during the fieldwork in order to get a picture of Haarlems history. The excavations are eventually published in the municipal magazine Haarlems Bodemonderzoek. We also publish in Westerheem, the magazine of the AWN.


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Archive and register

Due to the fact that we've practiced archaeology actively for thirty years we've got an enormous amount of material (potsherds, objects and documentation like sketches, photos and slides). Some objects show such an amount of interest that they are exhibited permanently at the Archeologisch Museum Haarlem.

The Archeologisch Museum Haarlem can be found at Grote Markt 16K in the basement of the Vleeshal and is open from wednesday to sunday from 13.00 to 17.00 hours. The admission is free.

The AWH also keeps a register up to date about the archaeological reseach in Haarlem. Not only the research done by the AWH but also research done by the town-archaeologist, the state and private persons. Right now the register contains more than 750 sites of find in Haarlem.



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  • Stichting Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem (AWH)
    Nieuwe Gracht 3
    2011 NB Haarlem
    the Netherlands
    E-mail: kammdijk@xs4all.nl
  • Archeologische Werkgemeenschap Nederland (AWN)
    Herengracht 474
    1017 CA Amsterdam
    the Netherlands
  • Archeologisch Museum Haarlem (AMH)
    Grote Markt 16K
    2011 RD Haarlem
    the Netherlands



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Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem, Nieuwe Gracht 3, 2011 NB Haarlem, the Netherlands

About us Dig into Haarlems past Links Email Guestbook